ClientUI, the next-generation user interface library to create dynamic and compelling business applications for the Silverlight and WPF platforms.

Packed with powerful framework and elegant architecture such as advanced MVVM framework, event routing, commanding, journal-aware navigation, fluid drag-drop and more, and over 330 innovative user interface tools, ClientUI gives all the tools you need to rapidly build great user experiences in less time, with less effort.

For System Architects

Reuse your Silverlight's XAML source code and easily create identical WPF applications without major code rewrite.
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For Solution Developers

Quickly jump start your Silverlight and WPF application development with the tool you already familiar with, Microsoft Visual Studio.
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For UX Designers

Transform your design prototype to commercial-ready data-driven applications in compelling WYSIWYG design experiences.
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For End Users

Easily create commercial-class interfaces that end users will love to use since the day one, from iPad-style task list and much more. Learn more